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News: 22 February +25% and Warzone from 22 to 29 of february, it's Carnival !
News: 06 January Happy new year 2012 !
News: 24 December ☆ Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !

C'est la fin, Cell !!
Yaaaaahhh !!

Top Players

  1. [RIP] NightFlutter
  2. Tajuu
  3. [BLADE] RIP°San Gohan
  4. [2TEAM] °T.Shakur
  5. [KAMI] Sb Rescuer of Myst°

Top Affiliates

  2. [SOLO] Ice.Thales
  3. [RIP] °Insolite°
  4. gastrolentas

Top Clans/tribus

  1. [GOU] The Gorilla Unit
  2. [SAINT] Saint Of Honor
  3. [WEATH] Weather's Revival
  4. [KAMI] Kaminari's Soul
  5. [2TEAM] Two's Power
  6. [LGDD] Les Guerriers Du Dragon

Top XP

  1. [LGDD] Huydiet [Yamcha]
  2. [RIP] NightFlutter [Jeece]
  3. Jûdaime [Son Gokû]
  4. [WS'] Telemaco [Son Gohan]
  5. [GOU] Kakash [Son Gokû]
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